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The Smart Moderation app for Hootsuite allows you to monitor, automatically hide/unhide or delete the inappropriate comments from your social networks in real-time. Also, it allows you to block the spammers and unwanted users. Smart Moderation will keep your brand safe 24/7/365 while saving your time, money and resources.

What you need

Facebook Account

To start using Smart Moderation all you need is a valid Facebook Account!

Hootsuite account

It’s possible to use Smart Moderation for Hootsuite with a Free, Pro, and Enterprise accounts.

Installing Smart Moderation for Hootsuite

From your Hootsuite dashboard, click on the App Directory from side menu. Once it opens, search for Smart Moderation in All Apps and click Install.

Hootsuite App Directory

After clicking Install, a new window will be open where you can select to add the Smart Moderation plugin within to an existing Hootsuite tab.

Now that the app is installed, you can see Smart Moderation Stream and click on the Connect with Facebook button. This will trigger a pop-up window to connect to and get permission from your Facebook account. Follow the Facebook authorization process, you must allow all permission requests. Otherwise, the Smart Moderation App will not work properly.

Once the Facebook connection is successfully done, you can navigate to the Smart Moderation Stream and connect your Facebook Pages, Instagram Profiles and YouTube channels from Settings > Connected Accounts

Using the app

Once you installed the app and connected all your favorite platforms, it's time for Smart Moderation to analyze all your comments in real-time!

See the Inappropriate Comments

Smart Moderation will analyze all your comments from your connected platforms then show you the inappropriate ones within the Smart Moderation Stream. You can see all inappropriate comments from all your pages within one flow or you can choose to filter page by page from the upper menu.

Hide & Delete Comments or Block the Spammers

You can choose to hide or delete the inappropriate user generated comments as well as blocking spammers from action icons. Also, you can search for specific comments from the “Search” section.

Auto-Hide to Ease your Work!

Smart Moderation App can automatically hide/remove the inappropriate comments on your behalf in real-time.

To enable the “auto-hide” option, click on the “Settings” and use the slider.

*Keep in mind that Instagram and YouTube do not have a “hiding” option so when you enable “auto-hide” for these platforms; Smart Moderation will automatically delete the inappropriate comments and you can not revert it!

Using Video

Uninstalling the app

Not that you would ever want to uninstall the Smart Moderation app for Hootsuite... But if for some reason someone forced you to uninstall it, here are the steps to do that.

Open the App Directory

Navigate to the Smart Moderation app in Installed Apps and click on the garbage can icon to remove the app.


Still not getting what you need? Contact the Hootsuite support team!