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Smart Moderation Proudly Announces its Integration with HubSpot!

By Alice Vender on Tue, 30 Jan 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Moderation & HubSpot Integration

We’re so proud to announce that Smart Moderation is integrated with one of the best all-in-one marketing software solutions in the world: HubSpot! Now, Smart Moderation is available within HubSpot’s Beta Integrations! Yay!

Smart Moderation + HubSpot Integration

HubSpot defines their software as “…an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.” and offers different tools to help them with SEO, blogging, marketing automation, web analytics, emailing, landing pages, social media and more – works almost like a complete content management system (CMS).

Smart Moderation + HubSpot Integration is one of the best HubSpot integrations to automate your business. Wondering what this integration offers?

This integration enables HubSpot users to connect their HubSpot Blogs to Smart Moderation alongside their Facebook Pages, Instagram Profiles and YouTube Channels then allows them to monitor and moderate all their comments from a single dashboard. Smart Moderation also ensures automatic inappropriate comment moderation process by detecting and -optionally- removing the profanity, abusive language, hateful speech, spam ads and trolling attacks from users’ social networks and digital platforms in real-time using artificial intelligence.

Smart Moderation + HubSpot Integration, provides an opportunity for HubSpot users to manage their comments from Hubspot Blogs, Facebook Pages, Ads, and Comments Plugin, Instagram Profiles and YouTube Channels. Smart Moderation protects your brand 24/7/365 and helps you to save time, money and resources.

Setting up is really easy, it takes less than a minute! LET’S START!

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Click here to sing up to Smart Moderation with your HubSpot account.


You are going to see the Request Permissions popup, click “Grant Access”.

Smart Moderation + HubSpot Integration Step 2


Add your HubSpot Blogs and other social platforms from Smart Moderation’s “Page Management”.

Smart Moderation + HubSpot Integration Step 3

Yes, it’s that easy! Now you can monitor and manage all your comments on a single dashboard.

Smart Moderation + HubSpot Integration Step 4

On top of it, you can get rid of inappropriate comments without lifting a finger! Just enable the auto-hide feature by activating the slider from “Settings” and then click “Save Changes” button.

Smart Moderation + HubSpot Integration Step 5

Enjoy Smart Moderation + HubSpot Integration!

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