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The Best Oscars 2017 Jokes & Memes on Social

By Alice Vender on Tue, 30 Jan 2018

Few nights are as big as the Academy Awards, a ceremony where Hollywood’s most talented celebrities get together to celebrate the best movies of the past year. As you can expect from such an affair, the night’s events had social media up all night chatting about a show whose dramatic, climactic twist. Our take? The Oscars 2017 show is deserving of an award itself.

Whether you caught the awards or not, you probably know what we’re talking about: when La La Land was awarded Best Picture instead of Moonlight, which was the actual winner.

And when social media smells blood, it attacks—but the commentary throughout the night was jovial and lighthearted, poking innocent fun at the mix-up. We’ve rounded up some of the funniest Oscars comments on social media, featuring some of the best responses to an unprecedented awards ceremony. Check out the best Oscars 2017 jokes and memes below!

Red Carpet

Most of us will never get to take a walk on the iconic red carpet, however, it featured a variety of relatable faces and feels for us common folk. Social media was quick to capture and identify the top Oscars 2017 meme faces:



The Mix-Up

First we had the Donald Trump executive order meme, in which users wrote their own messages on laws to be signed by the president. But thanks to the scandalous Best Picture award mix-up that everyone’s talking about, we’ve got a new write-in meme to declare victory for anyone we feel deserves it—using the card that awarded Best Picture to its rightful victor, Moonlight. Users responded with both write-in memes.



We’re pretty sure this winner-announcing card will be one of the Oscars 2017 memes to last the ages.

Following the embarrassing mix-up, some joked that Steve Harvey—who infamously awarded the Miss Universe 2015 title to the wrong contestant—was vindicated.


In fact, Harvey responded to the error himself, offering to help Warren Beatty navigate the fallout.


Bookworms rejoiced when a library gave their literary take on the mishap, featuring children’s books that referenced the movies’ titles:


But perhaps nothing tops this amazing Seinfeld remix, showing us how the La La Land cast and crew must have felt in the moment:


It’s been a long night, and it would be an understatement to call the entire show dramatic and eventful given the Best Picture screw-up. But despite the excitement, some were tuckered out as the night went on—and eagle-eyed viewers caught Chrissy Teigen sneaking in a quick nap during the big show.


And that’s a wrap! Did you catch any amazing jokes or memes during or after the awards that we missed? Let us know some of the funniest Oscars comments on social media that you can find—and if you’re in need of more awards commentary, check out our selection of the funniest Grammys social media comments!

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