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The Definitive 2017 Summer Social Media Holiday Calendar

By Çiler Ay on Tue, 30 Jan 2018

Summer social media holidays are a great and easy way to reach a new audience or reconnect with your existing one. Trending holidays give everyone something to talk about, presenting the perfect opportunity for brands to jump into the conversation! When you post content related to a hashtag holiday, people checking the hashtag are likely to see it, and it could be collected in the top posts related to the trending topic. Finally, trending holidays offer a great time to promote a tweet or boost a post with relevant content.

As for connecting with your existing audience, summer social media holidays are great for driving UGC, making them an essential part of social media management. Ask relevant questions of your audience and strike a connection. National Sons and Daughters Day, for example, is a great opportunity to share a personal story from the business’ founder; alternatively, a food brand might use the day to ask parents what special meals they’re cooking to show their kids they love them! Both hashtag holiday strategies strengthen your connection with the community.

If you want to add trending holidays to your social media management strategy, it’s important you pick a hashtag holiday that’s relevant to your brand. For example, libraries and book stores want to pay special attention to literacy-themed holidays. Staying on-brand is key because irrelevancy might prompt people to unfollow you.

Some summer social media holidays are broad enough that you can easily find creative ways to make them fit. For example, a furniture brand might take part in #WorldPhotoDay by encouraging their users to photograph the best-designed room of their home for inspiration.

The Definitive 2017 Summer Social Media Holiday Calendar

General Tips for Hashtag Holidays

Summer social media holidays are a lot of fun, but you’ll want to keep some rules in mind:

  • Use the right hashtag. Some trending holidays might have multiple hashtags that people will use to participate. If this is the case for your hashtag holiday of choice, search each tag and see what content is posted to each. Use the tag that has the higher reach. You might want to post a different message to each hashtag at different times of day, though.

  • Acknowledge other, more serious days. Sometimes sillier trending holidays share a day with more serious ones. When this happens, you’ll want to at least acknowledge both reasons for the day. Otherwise, you may come off as tone-deaf and cause offense.

  • Share goodwill. Special trending holidays like awareness days provide a great opportunity to give back and support a charity related to the day’s purpose. This aligns your brand values to awareness days and shows your community you care.

Summer social media holidays offer a large volume of comments. This is because everyone wants to participate in the topic of the day! If you want to prompt your community to get involved with a hashtag holiday, you’ll want a tool to help you engage.

Smart Moderation is an artificial intelligence-based tool that can help you stay on top of your comments on such a busy day. Participating in trending holidays can lead to trolls or spam, so our auto-hide feature powered by machine learning can stop abusive comments and spam in their tracks. With the AI-based keyword blacklist feature, you can instantly block comments containing banned words that you’ve defined—including their spelling variations—automatically.

Our dashboard also places all your comments in one place, making it an essential social media management tool. If you’re posting about trending holidays on different social networks, you can easily engage with all audiences at once from the dashboard. It can be difficult juggling multiple networks on a hashtag holiday, but not with Smart Moderation!

Finally, with problematic and spam comments erased, you can engage more easily with comments from your fans. This is essential if your hashtag holiday strategy involves driving UGC. And of course, these benefits are just as useful any day of the year—not just trending holidays!

The Definitive 2017 Summer Social Media Holiday Calendar


  • 8/9 – #NationalBookLoversDay
  • 8/10 – #NationalLazyDay
  • 8/11 – #SonsAndDaughtersDay
  • 8/12
    • #NationalBowlingDayn
    • #MiddleChildDay
    • #YouthDay
    • #WorldElephantDay
  • 8/13 – #LefthandersDay
  • 8/15 – #NationalRelaxationDay
  • 8/16 – #NationlTellAJokeDay
  • 8/19
    • #WorldPhotoDay
    • #WorldHumanitarianDay
  • 8/20 – #NationalRadioDay
  • 8/23 – #HugYourBossDay
  • 8/26
    • #NationalDogDay
    • #WomensEqualityDay
  • 8/27 – #JustBecauseDay
  • 9/1 – #CollegeColorsDay
  • 9/4
    • #LaborDay
    • #NationalWildlifeDay
  • 9/5 – #CharityDay
  • 9/6 – #ReadABookDay
  • 9/8
    • #KissCancerGoodbye
    • #LiteracyDay
  • 9/10 – #NationalGrandparentsDay
  • 9/12
    • #NationalVideoGamesDay
    • #DayOfEncouragement
  • 9/15 – #InternationalDotDay
  • 9/19 – #TalkLikeAPirateDay
  • 9/21
    • #InternationalDayOfPeace
    • #MiniGolfDay

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