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How Automated Comment Moderation Will Help Your Agency Win Clients

By Lena Harris on Tue, 30 Jan 2018

Big brands and communities garner lots of discussion, which can make them targets for trolls and smear campaigns. When the going gets tough, round-the-clock automated comment moderation is necessary—but even reputation management agencies can have difficulty meeting their clients’ moderation needs.

Unfortunately, a poorly moderated community can undermine the work you put in for your clients. But there’s an easier way to ensure your clients are happy: use automated comment moderators. These bots make moderating comments a snap, and by freeing up the time and energy you would spend on moderation, you can focus your creative efforts on content and engagement.


How Can They Speed Up Comment Moderation?

This software is fast—when abusive and harmful language is detected on profiles you manage, AI can hide it within a minute of posting. This is useful during times of high engagement, such as “ask me anything” Q&A’s, live video chats and other such events.

Here’s why you should care: If your community management strategy involves building engagement through such events, you can now do so with less stress. While you strike a connection with your fans over a period of intense engagement, you can let automated social media moderation deal with the tedium at lightning speed while you focus on producing content.

Of course, moderating so quickly can benefit your client’s online reputation management strategy as well. When trolls are silenced so quickly, you can save a client from a brand reputation crisis.

How Can I Boost My Moderation Accuracy?

Some automated comment moderation tools aren’t too accurate; they can be helpful for some agencies, but their reliance on static keywords makes them easy to bypass, and they may even flag false-positives. But some software, powered by machine learning, gets smarter as time passes.

AI is making huge strides; it’s capable of reading context and nuances of language. This means you can trade static, keyword-based blocklists in favor of dynamic AI bots that can truly understand the content of comments. For example, if you want to allow praise like “f*ing awesome” but otherwise hide abusive profanity, you can—all automatically!

What this means for you: Not only is AI adaptive to language; it’s customizable as well. Shape the tool with your own directions and you’ll have a custom AI conforming to your clients’ specific community needs. This better ensures your ability to deliver to your brands exactly the community that they have in mind.

What Does This Mean for My Team?

Automated moderation tools won’t replace your human team. Instead, they make lives easier by giving your employees more time to do what they do best: build engagement! Since they won’t have to worry about wading through spam and obvious content violations, they can focus on genuine comments and engagement.


So, how will these bots help you achieve better satisfaction from your brand clients? Here are some of the biggest benefits you can reap for them:

  • A safe, constantly moderated community
  • Protection of the brand’s reputation
  • Higher conversion rates

How Can I Better Protect My Clients’ Reputations With Automated Moderation?

Even if you wish to keep a 9-5 schedule for your team, automated moderation works around the clock, 24/7. This fits well into any existing online reputation management strategy, because the software can respond to troll campaigns at any time.

How Do Fast-Working Bots Help in a Crisis?

If controversy stirs or an issue flares up, you can tweak your moderation software to immediately moderate according to your needs, allowing you to focus on your damage control efforts. Since abusive language is taken care of automatically, your agents can work faster to resolve issues with a brand’s customers and fans. This helps you better contain an issue before it blows up into a social media crisis.

How Else Can I Protect My Clients?

By using bots for moderating comments, you can save your clients from the headache of dealing with spam. Just like with abusive language, you can erase spam almost instantly without having to maintain keywords and blocklists, thus protecting your clients’ brand integrity.


A happy community is proof that you’re doing a good job for your clients: it cultivates a positive brand experience that customers will have, which your clients will appreciate.

Safety is a big indicator of what makes a healthy online community. This includes safety from spam, abusive language and illegal content. By providing a safe space for clients’ fans to discuss, you encourage them to speak often and openly without fear of backlash or trolling.

How Does Community Affect Conversion Rates?

There’s a correlation between discussion and conversion rates, so healthy discussion in your community translates to a healthy business—which your clients will love! With the help of a good, combined human and AI moderation effort, you can also work to keep community discussion relevant and related to the brand.

Which of My Clients Can Best Benefit From Moderation?

Some brands you work with may benefit more from fast moderation than others. These include:

  • Politically affiliated or media outlets whose discussions may be prone to debate
  • Brands wishing to maintain a child-friendly image and community
  • Brands that want to keep certain topics off-limits, to keep discussion relevant.

That said, all brands can benefit from avoiding spam and illegal content, which both protects their reputation and provides a better experience for members of the community.


As a somewhat new technology, bots aren’t all perfect; many native social media moderation tools have strict limitations that can add just as much work as they take away. A poorly moderated community can undermine the work your agency does for its clients, but we’ve got a solution: a smart, machine-learning AI that moderates just like a human.

There are numerous benefits that our automated social media moderation provides agencies. In short, Smart Moderation is:

  • Fast
  • Increasing in accuracy each day without any extra input from you
  • Frees up time and energy for your team

Our automated comment moderation helps your team get work done quickly, and your brand clients will appreciate your boosted community management prowess. Try it out for free to see the difference—your clients will thank you!

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