Youtube comments moderation for channels

The Importance of YouTube Moderation

YouTube is perhaps one of the most intimate social networks, with many of its biggest names putting their lives out there for the world to watch and respond to. Even big businesses might feel vulnerable when hitting the “publish” button; it’s not uncommon for a comment section to fill with trolling, insults, abuse and spam.

This sort of behavior can deter viewers from participating, and can cause great amounts of stress for content producers. In a worst-case scenario, a comments section can even ruin a brand’s reputation overnight. For these reasons, comment moderation is an essential responsibility for any brand on the platform.

How Automated Tools Make YouTube Moderation Easier

When the conversation moves so quickly—or when a video unexpectedly goes viral—it can be difficult to moderate at the pace of conversation. Hiring a moderation team can be expensive, even with outsourcing, and moderating yourself eats away time that you could spend producing content or interacting with fans.

Rather than break the bank or give up time, you can invest in automated moderation to do most of the work for you. Automated comment moderation works round-the- clock so you don’t have to, and can hide harmful language and phrases according to your needs.

The Smart Solution, Thanks to Machine Learning

Automated tools can be a great help, but aren’t always without work. Most are held back by their reliance on keyword lists, unable to read or understand the meaning behind what’s posted. The video platform has its own, native automated tools, which use a mixture of algorithms and a YouTube keyword blacklist to hide comments it deems harmful—but unfortunately, the comments it catches are merely held for review rather than erased, which means you still have to view and interact with them to check for false-positives.

If you don’t want to spend time continually maintaining a YouTube keyword blacklist, you might want to try the best tool for YouTube comment management: Smart Moderation. This software integrates with your social media profiles to erase spam and abuse within the minute it’s posted, at a high accuracy rate. Because it’s a machine learning AI, the tool is able to execute YouTube spam removal just as well as a human would, without your having to lift a finger.

The software works with multiple languages as well, so global content creators can rest assured that their audience is protected no matter what language they speak.

Sow the Seeds of an Awesome Community

By having an AI handle your YouTube spam removal and comment moderation , you’re tapping into a cutting-edge technology to protect your reputation and your viewers. No one wants to participate in a toxic environment, but with fast, 24/7 moderation, your content can be a safe space for everyone to speak their mind.

Don’t feel like you have to disable comments to protect your content—invite everyone to have a say! See for yourself why our software is the best tool for YouTube comment management by trying it out for free.