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How does Smart Moderation work?

It works with Artificial Intelligence

Why should I use Smart Moderation in addition to using the Facebook Profanity Filter or a Moderation Keyword List?

Smart Moderation understands words like a human does and analyses meanings of sentences automatically, instead of checking some specific keywords.

For example, if the word “f**k” is pre-defined in your keyword list, and if someone writes “f**ck you”, “fu**k you”, “f.*.*. k you” or something similar on your Facebook page, unfortunately it is going to be published. You have to define all possible versions of these words which is a time-consuming task. What are you going to do about “f**king awesome” ☺ ?

Also, Smart Moderation understands Ads (you knew that already ☺, some people like to post on your page without your consent) which is very difficult to catch with those Facebook filters.

What is Smart Moderation’s accuracy rate?

Smart Moderation works on high-tech text analytics. It has a proprietary self-learning intelligence engine. While no such technology is 100% accurate, our system is designed to get the best results (our average is 91%). We have a dedicated team of trainers and our accuracy rates are getting better in parallel with the increase of usage every day. And, this is applicable to many languages without a difference in the methodology.

Can I train the Artificial Intelligence by myself?

This is the main differentiator of our software platform’s acceptance and success. It's an intelligence that has your mindset for social networks and works for you like a human assistant. It learns and evolves according to your needs and preferences to protect you from inappropriate content.

Of course, you can train your intelligence engine by changing the system’s decision status. If you click on Inappropriate or OK, you can change this decision and train your software assistant. ☺

Is Smart Moderation also a monitoring service?

Although Smart Moderation is not designed to be a monitoring tool, it delivers real time monitoring for the platforms that it is integrated with.

Do I need to pre-define some specific keywords?

No, our software platform’s intelligence and decision making is not based on specific keywords or a library, it is a self-learning engine that makes analysis like a human.

What are the response times for Smart Moderation?

Smart Moderation has real-time data collection capability and delivers notification within 1 minute or less.

I can’t see some of my comments in the Smart Moderation dashboard, Why?

If you use the Moderation Keyword List of Facebook, Facebook blocks some of these comments and we are unable and access that data.

How does Auto-Hide work?

If you choose the “Auto-Hide” option from the settings tab on your dashboard, Smart Moderation will start hiding inappropriate comments automatically for you until you switch back to manual moderation. At the moment, we auto-hide inappropriate comments on Facebook pages.

If you don’t want to use the auto-hide option, you are free to moderate manually with our guidance easily. Smart Moderation notifies you every day with an e-mail about its daily activity.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

To reset your password, please visit, type your email address and we will inform you with email.

Smart Moderation

Smart Moderation use machine learning and natural language processing to detect offensive content, abusive language, spam, trolling and bot attacks and - optionally - automatically remove those content from the platform in real time.

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