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The most influential brands in the world rely on Smart Moderation to allow their community to engage with and help develop brand without worrying about ruining online reputation.

Why You Should Moderate Brand Comments to Protect Your Reputation

Brand Reputation Management is Important

It can take years to build up a reputation, but only hours to destroy it. This is especially true on social media, where the conversation moves quickly: all it takes is one disgruntled customer’s complaint to go viral to ruin a reputation.

Word-of-mouth is incredibly important to your marketing, with 92% of consumers believing recommendations from friends and family over other kinds of advertising. While online reviews are great for transparency, they also give trolls and entry point to target a business. It’s essential, then, that praise maintains high visibility on your social profiles.

Our automated moderation software makes this easy and saves you time, so you can ensure customers remain happy and your reputation is protected.

Protect Your Online Brand Reputation with Comment Moderation

Threats to an online reputation typically follow two instigators: a targeted troll attack or viral complaint.

It’s a no-brainer that organized troll campaigns big and small can undermine your credibility. That said, even abusive language and profanity within your community can reflect poorly on your overall business and user base: you want your community to reflect your core business values. If you don’t moderate brand comments to ensure your profiles are spam and abuse-free, you also run the risk of harboring a negative association with your business.

You should also deal with customers’ genuine complaints swiftly and promptly. Good community monitoring means remaining vigilant of users’ woes, so you can spot and deal with potential crises before they spiral out of control. With proactive moderation, you can better detect and focus on genuine negative engagement to protect your rep.

Making Brand Reputation Management Easier with Automated Moderation

So, how do you increase your ability to banish trolls and focus on your customers? Use an auto moderator! Our software can help you moderate comments by whisking away abusive posts and spam within the minute they’re posted, at a high accuracy rate. It’s always on—24 hours, seven days a week—and works automatically, saving time for your team.

You can even protect online reviews by immediately hiding ones that contain profanity or are obviously posted to attack the business. With so much time free, and without having to sift through profanity and trolls, your team has to only worry about engaging with customers and learning how to better meet their needs.

Smart Moderation is available on your favorite social networks!

Why our Brand Clients use Smart Moderation ?

Human Approach

Smart Moderation’s intelligence can read the context of a comment like a human does; it is not keyword based solution.

User Friendly

Easily sign up – add your Brand’s profile — start using intelligence in 2 min on web or mobile!


Social Media never sleeps! Smart Moderation detects and automatically moderates undesirable comments in real-time 24/7, guranteed.


Every brand has its own moderation strategy, Smart Moderation learns from your past actions and adapts to your needs and preferences.