Smart Moderation for Agencies

The best social media moderation tool for best teams.


Maximizing Productivity for
Social Media & Reputation Agencies

How Digital Agencies & Moderation Teams Save Time & Money

Automated moderators speed up your workflow by immediately eliminating trolling and abuse. They can also take care of spam removal in real time. By dealing with obvious problematic language instantly, you can focus your energies on genuine customer complaints and positive engagement. Agencies looking to work within prospective clients’ strict SLA times for customer service should consider using an automated moderating tool to increase their clients’ satisfaction.

Fast, always-on automatic moderation boosts your productivity without adding more strain on your team. And because the conversation never stops on social media, agencies’ reputation management services can extend well beyond office hours thanks to always-on moderation that protects their clients around the clock.

In addition to helping you work faster, an auto moderator saves your business money because you won’t have to worry about employing a larger team of extending human moderators’ hours. Instead, the software augments your current team’s productivity.

Social Media Moderation Made Easy—Across All Your Networks

Our artificial intelligence-based software moderates 24/7, erasing problematic language within the minute that it’s posted. With a high accurate profanity and spam removal rate, you can monitor all your clients’ networks—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more—from a single platform.

To make things even easier, our tool integrates with Hootsuite!

Fixing the Ad Headache for Digital Agencies & Moderation Teams

A common issue for agencies’ reputation management services is dealing with moderation on Facebook and Instagram ads. This is troublesome for marketers, too: profanity and abusive comments left on sponsored posts reflect poorly on their relevance scores and harm profitability.

Thankfully, our tool moderates ads as well. Don’t worry about up keeping complicated lists of banned keywords and phrases to protect your clients’ ads; thanks to machine learning, you can moderate proactively and always be one step ahead of trolls.


Smart Moderation is available on your favorite social networks!