Our Story

Why We Developed a Comment Moderation AI.

Work on Smart Moderation began in 2014 after conducting careful research on social media marketers, experts and agencies to understand their needs. Discovering that community management and comment moderation are consistent challenges for these professionals, we devised a plan to create tools that could empower them to make their work in community and reputation management easier.

Social networks are important for brands, but the volume of content posted on their profiles can be overwhelming. It can costly and time consuming for social media marketers sift through it all, and those who aren’t up to the challenge risk their online reputations against the threat of trolls.

Without a market leader to offer a solution, the team put their respective talents and experience in artificial intelligence and marketing to the test. Through time and research, they created the first machine learning and natural language processing-based comment moderation tool.

In an effort to make life easier for reputation management and brands, Smart Moderation is designed to integrate into a variety of platforms and networks. This demonstrates our commitment to making the internet a safer place as a whole.

Learn more about our promise to customers by reading our mission statement.