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How Reputation Management Agencies Can Boost Productivity and Win Clients

By Alice Vender on Tue, 30 Jan 2018

As you know, online reputations are fleeting. All it takes is a single customer’s bad experience to destroy a company’s reputation. In the fast-moving world of social media, scandals can bloom in the span of just a few hours, which means every minute that you spend on the job counts!

It can be difficult to keep up with the pace of conversation, especially when you’re juggling multiple clients. Thankfully, you can streamline your entire online reputation management process and boost your productivity with one simple trick. And by doing so, brands you work with will rest easy knowing how quickly you’re able to contain a threat.


Banish Trolls Instantly with Automated Moderation

By taking care of the busywork, automated moderation tools help you complete your tasks with ease. This includes keeping trolls away from your clients and silencing malicious comments. The benefits are two-fold:

  • You free up time for your teammates, so they can do their jobs even better.
  • You shield brands from damaging, baseless attacks before they happen.

A big task in online reputation management strategy is to remove reviews that are posted with obvious malicious intent. With automated moderation, you can find reviews containing abusive language automatically, then remove if need be—all without any extra work on your end!

Save Time for Your Management Team

When you let software moderate for you, you’re able to focus your team’s energy elseware. The key to successful reputation management lies in how well you engage with your clients’ communities, and with automated moderation tools you can turn your attention toward common complaints or issues surrounding a client’s brand much faster. You’ll be able to respond to genuine concerns much faster when you’re not battling with trolls.

Good Moderation Makes Reputation Management Easier

Hopefully, you’re encouraging users to voice their concerns on social media profiles you manage. This makes complaints easier to manage and respond to because they’ll all be collected in one place (your clients’ profiles) rather than spread across social media. By hosting concerns in an environment that you control, you’re better able to control the discussion surrounding your client.


They Need Your Help Managing a Community

Good community management is important to a brand’s reputation. An active, engaging community makes a brand:

  • More transparent
  • Easy for customers to get in touch with when problems arise
  • Dynamic—it gains insight from their audience on how to meet their needs
  • Influential—it takes part in industry discussion

Each of these points garners trust and confidence in your clients’ brands, but many small or medium-sized companies have trouble managing one-to-one communication, which makes transparency a big challenge.

By investing in automated moderation, you not only help to shield your clients from troll campaigns and malicious attacks; you’re helping them gain some clout within a safe, respectful community. Because customers will have a more positive brand experience in a community free from trolls, they may become brand advocates and further boost a reputation.

Your Reputation Management Strategy Will Be Proactive

You may be good at reputation damage control after a crisis, but what clients really need is someone who can keep crises from happening in the first place. With the right comment moderation tool, your job monitoring communities is made much easier, so you can spot potential threats before they spiral out of control.


Not every comment moderation tool can do everything we’ve mentioned above. But that doesn’t mean all is hopeless! Smart Moderation is an automated comment moderation tool powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, which ticks off all the criteria we’ve mentioned. It’s always working—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—and does its job quickly, erasing harmful comments within the minute they’re posted. This means you don’t need to put extra time into off-peak hours to provide round-the-clock protection for your clients.

The software is also easy to integrate into all the social profiles you work with. It’s also works natively with Hootsuite, which further makes monitoring discussion around your clients easier. Rather than manage various moderation tools for each network your client uses, you’re able to moderate everything with a single tool on a single dashboard.

By integrating automated moderation into your online reputation management strategy, you’ll be using new technology to gain an edge over your competitors—and clients will notice the benefits. Try it out for free to see how simple it is to boost your team’s productivity!