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Reduce Churn Rate Instantly with Automatic Customer Lead and Churn Detection

By Alice Vender on Tue, 30 Jan 2018

We’re delighted to announce the latest feature of Smart Moderation: our social media customer lead and churn detection feature is live! With this new feature, Smart Moderation users can automatically identify customer lead candidates and potential customer churn by analyzing the contents of their social media comments. This technology is essential to social media customer engagement, helping brands reduce churn rate and improve customer relationship management.

Why is Customer Lead Identification Important to Customer Relationship Management?

Lead nurturing is engaging your target demographic, providing them with information at any stage of the consumer journey to help them make their purchasing decision. By engaging with consumers that your product or service is most relevant to, you can achieve a better ROI: marketers notice a 20% increase in sales from nurtured leads compared to non-nurtured ones.

Customer churn, meanwhile, is when customers turn away from your products or services. It’s just as important to engage with these consumers: by noticing and responding to their complaints or dissatisfaction, you can encourage them to stick with the brand. Because word-of-mouth marketing is king, you also protect your brand’s reputation by ensuring customers remain satisfied. Otherwise, customer churn may have a snowball effect.

Here’s How We Reduce Churn Rate!

The way this feature work is similar to our AI-powered keyword filter. By analyzing the content of comments posted on your social media profiles, our system automatically flags comments indicating potential customer lead and potential customer churn. By quickly identifying both groups, your customer relationship management teams can act swiftly to satisfy them. It’s that simple!

Reduce Churn Rate Instantly with Automatic Customer Lead and Churn Detection

Reduce Churn Rate Instantly with Automatic Customer Lead and Churn Detection

We Can’t Read Minds—But Our Customer Lead Detection Comes Close

It’s easy to begin identifying customer leads and reduce churn rate. First, define keywords that have a high likelihood of leads or churns. For example, if someone says they “subscribed” to your YouTube page, it shows they’re interested in your brand and want to see more. If a user mentions they’re “unsubscribing,” then it’s likely they’ll follow through—so you should respond before they churn.

Our powerful AI will then scan for these words—and their various misspellings—to identify any comments that use them. The process works almost instantaneously (like our AI-powered blacklist feature), flagging any comments that require your attention within the minute they’re posted.

Relevant comments from all your social profiles will appear in your Smart Moderation dashboard—right where you already moderate and engage with your community. Because customer lead and churn are so important, you can better prioritize your social media customer engagement by having these comments identified instantly. For example, you might consider it more urgent to respond to dissatisfied customers before those expressing satisfaction. If necessary, you can choose to block or hide these comments or engage to solve the issue.

Track and Measure to Reduce Social Media Churn Rate More Efficiently

To make things even easier, our software automatically generates advanced, detailed reports to help you track customer churn and lead more efficiently. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of customer relationship management: are there any patterns in demographic or what users are saying about your brand? With this detailed data, you can take your customer relationship management to the next level while addressing potential crises quickly—when every second count.

Time is of the essence, so don’t wait to sign up for our latest customer lead and customer churn feature. Try Smart Moderation for free today and see how easy it is to engage with consumers across all your favorite social media communities.

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