Fast, Always-On Automated Comment Moderation

Smart Moderation is the world’s first machine learning and artificial intelligence-based automated comment moderation tool. It automatically moderates all your favorite social networks, blocking out spam, abusive language and profanity. In addition to moderating, it serves as an excellent tool for reputation management and dealing with crises, allowing you to focus on problem areas before they expand into PR disasters.

The software is totally customizable and works in real time with high accuracy rate, making it an excellent and cost-effective alternative to support a human team of moderators. Your current community monitoring team can enjoy all its features to help streamline their work and ensure your fans are safe and satisfied.

Enhanced Reputation Management & Other Benefits

Our automated moderation tool allows you to easily shield your profiles from trolling and abuse. This protects your brand’s community from toxic, abusive language that could reflect poorly on your business. Your reputation hinges on what users say about you online; with our software, you may instantly wipe away obvious, malicious attempts to harm your reputation in your profiles’ comments. Your fans will be thankful too, because they’ll have a place to participate in discussion without the fear of abuse and disrespect.

In addition to protecting your fans, always-on moderating can help with social media crisis management as well. Our software will do all the heavy lifting in getting rid of trolls, so you may spend that freed time monitoring discussion online and responding to issues faster. A disgruntled customer’s complaint can go viral and destroy a business overnight, but by cutting the wheat from the chaff you can swoop in and deal with the problem immediately.

Enjoy Automated Moderation on Any Platform

We support a variety of social networks, which makes it easy to protect all facets of a brand’s community. Featured platforms include:

With our API , you can extend our reputation management and social media crisis management services to nearly any custom platform, including:

Website comments and forums
E-commerce product reviews
Social management tools (like Hootsuite)
Mobile app comment moderation
Other social platforms

One of the greatest features of our software is its customizability, allowing you to protect your business wherever and however you please. It takes only minutes to set up, with just a few steps. Try it out for free to see how you can benefit from automated moderation!